Noam Rappaport

Noam Rappaport puts painting’s formal limits to his playful service. Using unconventionally shaped canvases and collaged sculptural elements, Rappaport’s work is representative of a loosening of the Modernist, pared-down picture plane that dominated the medium throughout the 20th century; painters such as Rappaport are turning instead to abstract but formally adventurous painting-sculpture hybrids. In this situation, Rappaport’s work is unique for its tidy, snug approach, through which the artist has developed a vocabulary of formal motifs—pieces of wire, wood, and aluminum on relief-like mountings—that propels his unique brand of l’art pour l’art, or “art for art’s sake.”

Rappaport received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 1997. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe and Los Angeles as well as in New York venues such as White Columns and Artists Space. Rappaport lives and works in Los Angeles.