Olivo Barbieri

Olivo Barbieri's photography toys with the viewer by presenting large-scale scenery on an intimate scale. Using cities and landscapes as his subjects, Barbieri creates photographs that appear digitally manipulated, but which in actuality are constructed through his photographic technique. The artist's photographs reflect his statement that "all of [his] work is about perception. It's a deconstruction of the normal way of seeing." As a result, the underpinnings of Barbieri's work are strongly theory-based and influenced by the writings of authors such as Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag.

Barbieri has photographed sites from around the world ranging from the Iguazu Falls at the Argentinean-Brazil border to the Las Vegas cityscape. Alongside his photography, the artist has produced 35mm short films of sites, which have been included in both European and American film festivals. Barbieri has also exhibited his photography at international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale.