Pedro, Muriel and Esther

Pedro, Muriel, and Esther is a punk band formed in 1989 by downtown performance artist Vaginal Davis and Glen Meadmore. A Los Angeles born and braised doyenne of intersexed outsider art, Vaginal Davis has been a writer, performer, experimental filmmaker, and visual artist since her early teens. She first came to international attention with her literary tabloid Fertile La Toyah Jackson Magazine and its supplement Shrimp, the magazine for licking and sucking bigger and better feet.

Exhibitions include the commissioned piece My Pussy is Still in Los Angeles (I Only Live in Berlin) for Getty/Pacific Standard Time, Los Angeles, 2012, Antony’s Meltdown Festival, London, August 2012, Tate Modern, London, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Since 2006 she has been living and working in Berlin, Germany, where she curates and hosts the monthly performative film event, Rising Stars, Falling Stars, Arsenal Institut für Film-und Videokunst.

Courtesy of Participant Inc.