Pei-Shih Tu

Pei-Shih (Patty) Tu (Taiwan, b. 1981) is an animation artist who examines the relationship between fantasy and menace in contemporary society – the fear and the fiction animated by the recent rise in unexpected, inexplicable acts of terror. Tu’s animations work with a hand-crafted precision, cutting and pasting images from magazines, websites, and children's books to create stop motion collage-tableaux coined “narrative experiments”. She received her MFA degree from Goldsmiths College in London. She has exhibited widely in Taiwan and in other countries including Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan and Australia. In 2009, Tu received a Grant Arts Award from the city of Taipei’s Department of Cultural Affairs and in the same year, she also received a three-month Asian Cultural Council Fellowship to research theatrical art forms, including puppetry and children’s theater in Vietnam.

Courtesy of the Asian Cultural Council