Penelope van Hoorn

Penelope van Hoorn, a contemporary Dutch painter, embraces the style of abstract expressionism in her artistic endeavors. Her approach to abstraction is characterized by an absence of deliberate external inspiration, yet it is not devoid of expression. Instead, her work embodies a boldness and freedom in the application of color and form, primarily utilizing acrylics.

van Hoorn's creative process involves working over initial grounds soon after completion, often applying several layers to guide the picture towards its final manifestation. Central to her artistic philosophy is the pursuit of balance and naturalness, aiming for her paintings to evoke a sense of meaningful intervention while also feeling inherently timeless and organic.

Rather than seeking inspiration from external sources, Van Hoorn finds herself immersed in the process itself. She allows the colors and forms to dictate the progression of her work, ensuring that the destination of each piece feels inherently right in its own context, rather than striving for representation beyond the canvas.

Courtesy of the Artist