Philippe Halaburda

Philippe Halaburda is a French artist who coined the term Geographic Abstraction to describe his work. Through his use of color and lines, Halaburda creates sharp imaginary landscapes that visualize the interconnectedness of humans and their environments.

Halaburda had his first exhibition in Paris in 1996 and he has since shown around the world including Studio N2, France; Peyton Wright Gallery, New Mexico; Van de Goudenberg Art Gallery, Basel, Switzerland; and Chashama Gallery, New York. In 2019, Halaburda published his first art book entitled ‘Spatial Representation of Emotion’ about his work in New York in 2016. Halaburda also offers commissions and public window tape art, including a recent display for the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Jersey City, NJ in 2020.


Courtesy of IdeelArt