Phillip Stearns

Artist and designer Phillip Stearns produces, per his website, "both physical and intangible works, performances, and experiences using electronic media. My practice spans several disciplines from creative coding and physical computing to interactive light and sound installations, computational weaving to performances using light and sound." Fragmented Memory (2013) perhaps exemplifies this fusion of different media: Stearns produced a tryptich of woven tapestries inspired by data visualization graphics. Open Vault (2017-present) looks at cybercrime and hacking, while the fabrics used in Theories of Everything (2016-ongoing) are "expressions of algorithms that simulate entropic decay."

Stearns received his BS in Sound Engineering at the University of Colorado at Denver in 2005, and his MFA in Music Composition and Integrated Media from the California Institution of the Arts in 2007. He has exhibited internationally: recent shows include "The Model of the World" at the Zhangzhou Museum of Art in Zhangzhou, China, and "Happening" at the Park Avenue Armory in New York.

Courtesy the artist's website