Pia Dehne

Pia Dehne's paintings combine loose gestures with abstract forms that create an illusion of a face or figure but dissolve again into color fields floating in space, leaving the observer to their own imagination at the same time. Her focus on the internal world of reflections, dreaming and vision explores the many possibilities of painting, creating it’s own mysterious universe on the canvas. There is a sense that Dehne is addressing the quality of human perception that is still limited by the rational; a perception that has yet to encompass the expansive capabilities of the human mind. 

Dehne’s work has been the subject of several solo exhibitions in New York including her first solo show, Naked City in 2004 at Deitch Projects,  Country Life in 2008,  Eve of Destruction in 2010 at Blackston, Vanishing Act at Charles Banks Gallery in 2011 and Project Blue Book at AJL Gallery in Berlin 2013.

—Courtesy of the Artist