Rachel Phillips

Phillips is known for fusing opposite approaches to form, image, subject matter and other elements, such as “abstraction and expression, humor and sadness.”

Cartoon-like figures, with strong personalities, and various animated objects are situated within multi-colored and often geometrical spaces. Pigments and mica powder are added to the paint to heighten the cartoonish qualities of the colors and an illusion of dimensionality is enhanced in many with glitter, feathers, paper, aluminum foil, or other elements. However, Phillips’ emphasis on the process of painting — through varied applications of paint and serendipitous marks — grounds the works in real life.

Her work has been exhibited in the US and internationally including at Orgy Park, Nurture Art, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Cindy Rucker Gallery, Walter Wickiser Gallery, Brian Morris Gallery, and Galerie Protégé in New York, as well as at the Gran Sasso Science Institute in L’Aquila, Italy, and Salon Space, Berlin, Germany. In 2018 her work was presented in a solo exhibition at Chashama and a two-person exhibition at 490 Atlantic Gallery. Phillips’ work has been featured in ArtnetArtMaze (print), Bedford & BoweryHyperallergic, and Two Coats of Paint, among others.

Courtesy of Microscope Gallery