Rafael Ferrer

The work of Puerto Rican artist Rafael Ferrer encompasses a number of genres, materials and mediums, at one time equal parts Surrealism, Process Art and New Image painting. His early influences in music paved the way for later experimentations in visual art, as well as an early friendship with Cuban artist Wifredo Lam. Through a exploration of “antiform” art, Ferrer expanded his conceptual experiments to include fabricated artifacts and assembled installations that include sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, and installation art. Ferrer’s Process works of the 1970s often used ephemeral materials such as grease, leaves and ice blocks. Often drawing and painting on paper bags, his puppet-like works evoke the raw absurdity of Dada. 

Ferrer’s work has been included in numerous museum solo exhibitions throughout his career including the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Philadelphia Museum of Art, among others.