Rainen Knecht

Drawing upon the loneliness of the practice of painting, Rainen Knecht further isolated herself from the youth market in the woods of Washington State to the community of Outsider or Folk Artists from the Pacific Northwest. Knecht’s works based off of intuition, using the practice as a freeing, therapeutic, and imaginative escape. As her work appears to be unapologetically traditional, the spontaneity in her gestures and the discoveries found in addressing new problems brings in a personal element that still remains true to the medium. Knecht is committed to upholding the medium while exploring themes of loss, suffering, and compassion.

Knecht received the Madjaroff Painting award after her graduation from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has exhibited work at Fourteen30 Contemporary in Portland, Capital in San Francisco, Either Way in Los Angeles, Adobe Books in San Francisco, and Baer Ridgeway in San Francisco.