Rainer Ganahl

Rainer Ganahl (1961) is an Austrian-born New York artist. He studied at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (Peter Weibel) and the Kunstakademie Düsseldorff (Nam June Paik) before moving to New York City. He is a conceptual artist who uses photography, videos and performance for a wide and broad ranging array of subjects such as the series begun in 2001 and ongoing titled “Bike Projects”, started right after 9/11 and before Mayor Bloomberg’s insistence New Yorkers ride bikes instead of driving. And regarding the subject of Passion, he created an ongoing series with film, objects, drawing and photographs titled, The Passion Considered An Uphill Bicycle Race. The artist is also prone to stage his work in lieu of a seminar or lecture, and does language and reading projects with a special feature called the language of emigration. 

Courtesy of White Box.