Richard Long

Richard Long is a British conceptual artist, often considered a "land artist" because of his ongoing engagement with the environment, and his use of earth materials in his work. Best known as a sculptor, Long uses a variety of media in his work which includes photography, drawing, painting, print making, installation, and personal performance. Richard Long often takes long walks through the countryside, all over the world. His photographs and notes (of locations, distances, or lists of encounters) document these trips and become artworks in their own right. At times he will make site-specific sculptures during these walks with the natural materials at hand. He will also collect these materials to create sculptures to be viewed in a gallery or museum space, which arrange these materials in specific shapes or patterns. Richard Long has also long made use of river mud, sometimes to create large scale wall paintings and sometimes as much smaller drawings on paper. In all of these endeavors the environment, and Long's relationship with it, hold center stage.