Robert Filliou

French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou created playful work that undermined heavy concepts of art and how it was exhibited. Filliou produced humorous assemblages, drawings, videos, and text-based works. Throughout Filliou’s career, he worked in a dematerialized manner and strongly believed in developing new art forms. He is best known for a work where he presented a gallery in his hat. He then introduced himself to people on the streets of Paris and invited them to view his exhibition. This work bridged performance, exhibition, and sculpture and foreshadowed his later work, which required the audience to be both author and participant. 

Robert Filliou's work has been widely exhibited in group and solo shows internationally, including The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Sao Paulo Biennial, MoMA, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. He is also recognized for his long-term collaborations with other artists, including George Brecht, La Cedille Qui Sourit, Daniel Spoerri, and Emmett William.