Romain Erkiletlian

Romain Erkiletlian (born in 1972 in Paris lives and works in Tokyo) dedicates his work to the urban landscape he creates and deconstructs.,for many years in NYC and now in Tokyo. .His colorful works evolves now in a more simplified shape, with an elegant futuristic vision which finds its inspiration in modern urbanism, 70 s and 80 s comics, and past civilizations architectures together. The confusion of space that results takes us into a new reality of time shape and space, when the sculptures represents symbolical doors to a mystical network. The sculptures echoe to each other while seducing and drawing the viewer into their sensual texture. Romain Erkiletlian work (on paper, large murals, photocollage and now sculptures) explores a narrative urban landscapes highly architectural with a mix of pop culture and mystic-technical vision....His urban subject is permanently recycled and transformed in a new and innovative esthetical language, which takes us into a new mythologie that opens.