Ron Arad

Ron Arad refuses to see a difference between art, design, and industrial production. Educated in architecture and design, Arad put himself at the forefront of the design world in the 1980s with his hybrid forms that straddled the line between commercialism and art. Arad is credited with inspiring a new generation of designers to move beyond the traditional expectations of their medium and edge into mass production. The Bookworm Bookshelf that he designed for Kattel, one of Arad’s best-selling works, illustrates Arad’s formal playfulness and love of unclassifiable work through a curling bookshelf that deconstructs the traditional planar form of a shelf.

In addition to co-founding One Off, a gallery devoted to showcasing experimental design, Arad has had several retrospectives, the largest of which, No Discipline, traveled to the MoMA and the Centre Pompidou. Arad’s work also continues to appear Venice Architectural Biennales and remains popular amongst audiences seeking avant-garde design.