Sayre Gomez

The works of artist Sayre Gomez use photorealistic painting and sculpture to reflect the shallowness of form and the ambivalence of abstraction. Gomez challenges the viewer’s expectations of how artistic styles convey meaning, representing a shooting stream of effervescent diet soda, the protracted combustion of smoke, or a pixelated glitch with photorealistic precision. His sculptures are most often found objects cast in plaster, and then cast again in a more modern material - synthetic black plastic. This transference, from one material to another, forms an allegory for the nature of images in perpetual transit. 

Gomez has held solo exhibitions at Michael Jon Gallery in Miami, Galerie Nagel/Draxler in Cologne, Francois Ghebaly in Los Angeles, Galerie Parisa Kind in Frankfurt, The HOLE in New York, Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago, New Capitol in Chicago, Las Cienegas Projects in Los Angeles, Fourteen 30 Contemporary in Portland, Oregon, among others.