Scarlett Bowman

Scarlett Bowman is a London-based multi-disciplinary artist, who creates abstract sculptures and reliefs that addresses’ the materiality that forms our contemporary commodity culture. By playfully rearranging and casting these materials in a way of archiving, enables their once utilitarian value to give way to a more symbolic value, inviting us to think about the shiny and reflective gleam of modern commodity and manufacture. Arte Povera, outsider art, and the craft based process involved with Collage and Assemblage have always been at the forefront, acting as a metaphor for recording information.

Bowman’s recent exhibitions include Polymer, Fold gallery, London, Sunny Side Up! Rook and Raven, London, Dysfunctional Alterations, Balzer Projects, Switzerland, Rubber Soul, Soho Revue Gallery, London, Hyperion, New York. Her work was published in Soho Revue Newspaper Issue #1 and #2.

Courtesy of the Artist