Shae Detar

Shae Detar creates otherworldly photographic mixed media images, using a unique hand-painting process in which she paints on top of her photographs. Shae’s surrealistic images merges photography and painting by exaggerating the colours of both the landscapes and her subjects. Taking them out of reality and placing them into Another World.

Shea takes great care to plan her locations. Often driving deep into the remotest regions at home in the US or farther afield. Eventually placing her subjects into the most untouched and idyllic landscapes she can find. Shae’s background in fine art painting and her influence from classical painters informs the poses and compositions. Once back in the studio Shae gets to work on her large scale prints. Using a variety of materials such as charcoal, watercolour and varnish to finesse her artworks and bring them to life with vivid colour. Whilst the prints themselves are open edition, each artwork is created by hand and therefore unique and Shae never creates the same size twice. 

Courtesy of Open Doors Gallery