Shelli Breidenbach

Fine art photographer Shelli Breidenbach is celebrated worldwide for her elegant equine images.  She has redefined the equestrian portrait in a thoroughly modern fashion, posing horses against black, white, and brilliantly colored canvas backgrounds.   Drawn to a clean and classic aesthetic, Breidenbach breaks down each image in order to accentuate the details. 

Whether she is capturing the sensuous curve of a horse’s back, the intricate interior of a sea shell, or the simplicity of a bridal bit, Breidenbach blends detail with the abstract, creating stunning art images.

Photography took Breidenbach from her former job on Wall Street, to greener pastures – literally.   A trip to South Africa  opened her eyes to the world of photography and her love of animals.  The experience gave her a new lens on life, and beauty. 

Breidenbach’s newest venture is transforming her iconic equestrian look into an elegant fabric line, The Shelli Breidenbach Collection.   Inspiration for her simple yet classic aesthetic is drawn from her family life in Bedford, NY.