Silas Inoue

Silas Inoue works with a wide array of themes related to the fast-paced life of postmodernity, such as globalization, tourism, digitalization, economy, and consumption. Inoue has lived in both Japan and Denmark. This mixed heritage is reflected in his art, though it most often appears as a subtle sense of manifold belongings. His work touches on different kinds of spirituality and draws inspiration from nature. This diverse field of interests is visualized in pictorial, sculptural, and performative works. Inoue transforms prevailing values and tendencies into abstraction and symbolism.

Inoue's work has been exhibited in solo and group shows internationally, including Onishi Civic Center, Onishi, Japan,Third Space, Copenhagen, Denmark, The Japanese Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark, and the 9th Berlin Biennale. He has participated in residencies at The Danish Institute in Athens, Shiro Oni, Onishi, Japan and The Danish Academy in Rome. 

Courtesy of Marie Kirkegaard Gallery