Silvio Wolf

Italian artist Silvio Wolf uses abstract photography and multimedia installations to explore themes of visual perception, absence and presence, and the language of images. In his series Horizons, Wolf takes the threshold between light and darkness as his subject, using a chance-based darkroom process that results in abstract fields of color, often reminiscent of paintings by Rothko.

Wolf primarily made large-format works early in his career but later began to incorporate various media—including light, sound, video, and still projections—into his art. The artist has stated that as he works on an installation, his subjective perception of the location transforms it "into a symbolic territory" and the finished installation "gives the audience a more general and shared understanding."

Wolf participated in Documenta VII in Kassel in 1987 and in the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009. In 2006, he published Paradiso: Photography and Video by Silvio Wolf, which connects Wolf's photography and installations to the architectural spaces of Mario Botta.