Sparshatt Dalzell

Photographer James Sparshatt and painter Rachael Dalzell are collaborating to create a series of “Neo Platinum” portraits.  The process begins with the production of a palladium platinum print of one of Sparshatt‘s Spirit of Revolution pieces which are then re-interpreted by Dalzell using the vibrancy of acrylic paints and her distinctive technique to bring new energy and appreciation.

“I had to build up the courage to work with these beautiful photographs but once I began, the thrill of squeezing the first drop of paint has never softened. I’m so aware of the differences in our process…caution vs instinct, black and white vs color, diligence vs playfulness, objectiveness vs subjectiveness. My choice of color reflects our animated subject.” - Rachael Dalzell

“The generation of Cubans who lived through the revolution have learned to make the most of life’s experience.  Their stories are etched into their faces and revealed by the smile lines and a certain twinkle in the eye. Rachael’s interpretations summon their spirit, their humor and their energy.” - James Sparshatt