Stas Orlovski

The work of artist Stas Orlovski feels and looks like a fairytale. Aesthetically, the painter’s work resembles the Russian storybooks, Victorian illustrations, and botanical drawings that he draws upon to create his visual lexicon. Delicate lines carefully piece together the figures and forms borrowed from the natural world that breathe in Orlovski’s work: etch-like linework inflates a phase of the moon, gives flight to a bird, or grows a forest on the page. Orlovski’s paintings are highly narrative if the stories they tell err on the side of the whimsical and surreal. In the words of the artist, his magical environments conjure “the bittersweet, the quaint, the melancholy and the picturesque to depict a world of glorious decay.” Though he works primarily in the two-dimensional, perspective is emphasized and warped through Orlovki’s hand.