Stefano Brunesci

Born in Yeovil, UK, Stefano Brunesci first began photographing women at the age of 13. Inspired by the timeless portraits of Hollywood greats such as Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe. After a short diversion into travel and landscape photography in his late teens, Stefano returned to his first passion, editorial fashion, in 2007.

Although a convert to digital and a strong supporter of its benefits, Stefano, who now lives near Bath, UK, prefers to keep his use of post-production to a minimum and often publishes entirely un-retouched work in the belief that passion and connection with the subject is the most important aspect of any photograph.

As he says, "When you photograph a woman, you're capturing a moment in her life, and you can't fake that with any software." His photos have been published by many international and significant publications and, being followed by thousands of people in the art and fashion industry, he's considered a popular influencer.

Courtesy of Image in Progress by EdifFore Srl