Steve DiBenedetto

UFOs and giant octopi battling helicopters are among the recurring subjects in Steve Dibenedetto’s dense, chaotic, sci-fi dreamscapes. These compositions are built up over long periods of time, a process wherein the artist embraces intuitive mark-making as a way of finding meaning in unpredictability. Dibenedetto's artworks often incorporate his own old work and found objects from his studio, collaged onto the canvas’s surface, and deal with themes of intensity and decay. Aside from their surreal melding of mechanical and organic subjects, Dibenedetto’s paintings and drawings capture furtive, elastic energies; they seem to threaten to burst from their frames.

Steve Dibenedetto was born in the Bronx, New York in 1958 and is a recipient of the John Simon Guggenhmein Memorial Fellowship Award, the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Painting, and the Tiffany Foundation Award. He regularly shows his work in New York and around the globe.