Tahnee Lonsdale

Tahnee Lonsdale is an artist rendering emotional divinity through the use of layered oil paints and ethereal, intuitive compositions. Born in 1982 and raised in Sussex, UK, Tahnee attended the University of the Arts in London where she primarily studied painting, graduating with a BFA in 2007. After moving to LA in 2015, her practice evolved to embrace large-scale painting, soft sculpture, and works on paper. Recent exhibitions include Our Humans at Fabian Lang in Zurich, Switzerland; Observation at Perrotin in Dubai, UAE; True Romance at Night Gallery in Los Angeles, CA; and Under the Shell at Cob Gallery, London, UK. Prominent acquisitions of Tahnee’s work include the X Museum in Beijing, China and Fundación MEDIANOCHE0 in Grenada, Spain.

Photo Credit: Rob Stark