Talita Zaragoza

Talita Zaragoza works mainly in drawings, photography, and also installation. Her inspiration comes mostly from nature, in particular the relationship of micro and macro, action and reaction, transience and permutable interrelationships.​ Her work dialogues with natural landscapes and its rhythm​ creates metaphorical connections and reverberation aesthetics.

​Zaragoza has shown her work in various different cities, mainly São Paulo and New York, including Gallery Emma Thomas, The International Center for Photography, SP Arte, MAB FAAP, The Hollows and Interventions 3 curator Isidro Blasco. She attended two residencies on the United States, one in New York, at the Hollows, and one in Dorset, Vermont at the Marble House. Her works are in private and public collections such as on MACBA – Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Sorocaba. 

Courtesy of the Artist