Tillie Burden

Tillie Burden uses blown and hot-formed glass as a sculptural medium and interprets everyday objects and nature-inspired themes until a composition of realities, half-truths, and non-realities.

She draws inspiration from surrealism and symbolism to convey the poetic and the humorous, which shows how often the absurdity of our psyche creates our own alternative versions of the truth, whilst conveying the concept that our experiences can only be seen through our own interpretive filter, may or may not be precise or accurate.

Besides her own works, she has produced limited editions in glass for artists Joakim Ojanen and Aaron Johnson. Tillie is educated at Monash University, AUS, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark, and Orrefors Glass School in Sweden. Originally from Australia, she lives and works in the heart of the historical glassmaking district, The Kingdom of Crystal in Sweden.