Tobias Rehberger

Tobias Rehbergerworks across not only media but industries: his practice casts him as a sculptor, painter, designer, filmmaker, and, at times, even an architect, creating objects and installations that reflect an interest in our relationship to mass culture. Thinking spatially, Rehberger creates total environments that intervene in our perception of objects and their function. Whether he’s designing seating, lighting, and wallpaper, creating a replica of his local neighborhood bar—as he did for Frieze New York in 2013—Rehberger makes spaces for people to live and interact in. No matter the media, Rehberger works with geometry, composing his physical worlds from brightly colored ambiguous forms. At once abstracted but practical, the artist's work may sport an absurdist aesthetic while playing a vital functional role in giving an environment life.

Rehberger's work has been exhibited internationally at institutions including Palais de Tokyo, the Walker Art Center, and Tate Liverpool, the Venice Biennale, and the Manifesta Biennale.