Tomer Alexander

Tomer was born in Apt located in the South of France to a creative family of singers and artists alike. Most of his childhood was spent in Luberon and at 18 years old he went for three and a half years to live in Marseille, getting professional skills as a pressman, offset and typograf. Thereafter, Tomer went to live for five years in Paris, doing a few drawings, and working as a pressman in printing shops.

Tomer then moved to New York and lived there for five years as a pressman and painter. Tomer Speaks six languages (French, English, Hebrew, Danish, Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole). He has spent eight beautiful years in Cape Verde, Sao Vicente, Mindelo, from 2005 until 2013 painting the land and the Cape Verdean society. Tomer currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark with work being housed in NYC, Denmark and France.

Courtesy of the Artist