Uri Aran

Never one to shy away from an unfamiliar format, Israeli-born artist Uri Aran works in a wide variety of media, ranging from sculpture to drawing and video. By incorporating found images from widely recognized cultural touchstones, Aran is able to recontextualize their meanings through his original video works, which often employ humor to reveal the underlying hierarchies present in everyday language and objects. In his sculptural arrangements, which are often installed on tabletops, Aran creates intricate, though seemingly disordered systems that reflect the difficulties of organization present in our own lives, as well as the complex patterns that run throughout the natural world.

Aran's work has appeared at "Knights Move," a group exhibition at SculptureCenter in 2010, Art Basel in 2011, the 2013 Venice Biennale, and New York's popular repurposed High Line Park, as well as in a solo show at Gavin Brown Enterprise, among other venues.