Vanessa Albury

Vanessa Albury uses analog materials to discuss ephemerality and invites spontaneous occurrences in everyday moments as a means to access the sublime. She extends the presence of photographs beyond the traditional view as “windows into the world” to visual objects in space and time. She exaggerate, remove and enhance photography’s materiality, to probe into the transcendent power of image.

Albury has exhibited her work internationally, including solo shows at Window Box Gallery, Oslo, Norway, Monty ABN, Antwerp, Belgium, and Jessica Silverman Gallery in San Francisco. Her most recent group shows include Kimberly Klark, New York, P339, New York, Silverlens Gallery, Singapore, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Texas, Poetry Project, New York, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, Bellwether Gallery, New York, Hillside Forum Gallery, Tokyo and Okinawa Prefectural Art Museum, Okinawa. Albury also co-creates The Sun That Never Sets, a nomadic, pop-up incubator concept promoting film and video artists with Rachel Rampleman. As The Sun That Never Sets, she has participated in the last three years of SPRING/BREAK Art Show collaborating with media artist-duo Jennifer & Kevin McCoy and rising curator Lynn Maliszewski. Recent residencies include the Arctic Circle Residency, Kunstvarteret Lofoten, AiR Nordland and CEPA.

Courtesy of the Artist