Vassiliki (Vassiliki Benopoulou) is a visual artist and sculptor internationally renowned for her enormous kinetic installations as well as for her conjectural interventions. The divine of the human nature and the psyche, as defined by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, have played an exceptional role in Vassiliki’s idea of human integration within the framework of a philosophical and spiritual code and not of a religious one. In her paintings as well as in her installations, Vassiliki has documented the productive dialogue between art and life through everlasting cultural and spiritual figures and symbols. Her work as a whole is defined by coherent, autonomous thematic evolutionary units, and it forms a creative polyptich, which reflects genuine existential awakenings and a philosophical contemplation on man and the divine.

Vassiliki has presented her kinetic installations in individual exhibitions worldwide, many of which are housed permanently in public spaces, while others belong to private collections. She lives and works in Greece and Italy.

Courtesy of Mamush Gallery