Viviane D'Avilla

Brazilian artist, photographer and journalist Viviane D’Avilla has been working for thirteen years in Rio de Janeiro. D’Avilla develops work which expresses her interest in the human being and their nuances, culture, lives and stories. In her practice, D'Avilla enters deep and intense in lives, places and people, where she starts a process of intense knowledge, research and delivery for her subjects. Her series Alma was developed in remote landscapes and forests located in D'Avilla's hometown. Through studies on psychology, the history of the woman over the years, D'Avilla seeks a stream experience imagery through the female psyche, with images that emphasize the feminine power and its intimate connection with the creative force of nature.

She has exhibited her photographs in venues such as Artigo Art Fair in Rio de Janeiro, the Botanic Hostel, with the art collective group Hum Coletivo, and in 2015 she exhibited her work, Eu Sou Arte in a collective of artists called the Vidi Arte. In 2016 she opened a gallery in New York.

Courtesy of the Artist