Wanda Fraga

Wanda Fraga's work unfolds adopting a visual poetic that intends to symbolize human relationships, the ethereal, isolation, and love, narrating the experiences of a carnal being and his/her vicissitudes as well as limits, taking her work into a world of shadows and memories of people who are no longer around, but remain eternal and immutable.

Although her images have always been intimate, not only in scale but also in the themes she chooses, she is touching upon emotional and philosophical traits of a universal nature. These collages describe her emotional struggles, including feelings of isolation, quests for identity, and the way she relates to others; situations that can be pertinent to any person in today’s reality. Her themes are a compendium of situations as universal and complex as life itself. She touches upon private matters such as couples’ interactions, and mother and child connections, with the broad-spectrum background quest of one’s place in the world.