William Stein

William Stein’s practice comprises the painted object and the written word. Within this practice of making and writing, thought and matter are crystallised into a distinctive pattern of abstracted, vaguely narrative led motifs and suggestions. We see forms and spaces returned to, explored, but left open and unmapped, pending further inquiry. Says Stein of his practice, “I have no desire to illustrate the seen world, neither to illustrate an idea or a concept. Rather the work is to be sensed, to be felt; not analysed and understood. I want to guide the viewer into a space, somewhere liminal, somewhere to be explored, and it should sit aside from the known…the motifs are only personal in that I have formed them, I have made them just enough of something so they may act as a vessel to others, and indeed they soon enough are anyone’s, they become personal to all who care to take them on.”

William Stein has exhibited widely both in the UK and abroad, including at David Zwirner, New York, David Krut Projects, New York, Identity Gallery, Hong Kong, The Royal Academy of Arts, London, Art First Projects, London, and Studio 1.1, London.

Courtesy of the Artist