Yaya Firpo

Yaya Firpo is a multidisciplinary Argentinian artist whose works have been exhibited nationally in Venezuela and the United States. His art addresses political, social, moral, and ethical issues as he "walks the lines that divide society." Firpo's diverse compositions are created with varying techniques, including sculpture, collage, and textile art. His painterly pieces are made with collage on fabric.

Yaya Firpo was born in Victoria, Entre Ríos. He studied at the school of Fine Arts “Dr. Raúl Trucco ”obtaining the titles of Superior Plastic Director and Senior Professor in Plastic Arts. Yaya Firpo uses a kind of reverse mapping—meticulously disrupted maps of the world. Immigrants from developing nations have occupied every developed nation-state, and the maps attest to this re-conquest. While the world burns, Yaya Firpo sews and mixes pieces of flags that could be the sacred rags of an imaginary nation and carefree of its limits, cut and paste strips of planispheres that become multicolored and delusional maps, invent tickets that, instead of heroes or battle scenes have flies, fish bones and barbed wires. Tear, disassemble and rejoin to obtain a motley set of possible worlds and their possible emblems.

Courtesy of Pan American Art Projects