Yoshihiko Ueda

Among his many awards are the Photographic Society of Japan Lifetime Achievement Award, the Tokyo Art Directors Club Grand Prize, and the New York Art Directors Club Photography Award. In 2011 he launched Gallery 916.

His most noted series/monographs include Quinault, a meditation on the eponymous sacred Native American rainforest; Amagatsu, a backstage study of Sankai Juku dancer-choreographer Ushio Amagatsu; at Home, intimate snapshots of the artist’s family; Materia, capturing primeval sources of life; and A Life with Camera, a collection of works from his massive oeuvre spanning over 30 years.

Recently published are FOREST: Impressions and Memories 1989-2017, capturing the three primeval forests of Quinault, Yakushima, and Nara Kasuga Taisha shrine, and 68TH STREET, a memory of light and shadow falling on a single sheet of white paper. In 2019, he wrote, directed, and filmed the movie Garden of Camellias, the story of a woman who loses her husband and is confronted with the inheritance tax on her home, depicted through the changes of the seasons of a traditional Japanese house and its garden.