Yuliya Golovina

Born in 1989 and currently based in Ukraine, Russian artist Yuliya Golovina believes that the sensation of being free from alcohol or drugs is a powerful source of inspiration for her visual practice. Working in a wide range of media including painting, glass, paper, wood and stone, she describes her work as expressive of her internal freedom and joy.

Golovina began drawing since she was a child. She recalls her first experience of being recognized for her art was from a drawing she made of the famous Mona Lisa, which she was asked to present to her class by her history teacher. When she entered university to study psychology, Golovina turned to drawings during her spare time, mainly portraits using charcoal on paper. She began working with children after finishing university while continuing to make art.

In 2021, the artist began working with acrylic on fiberboard. Ranging from dark, colorful, or light, her work ranges from paintings, work on paper, to assemblage that combines wood and other found materials. Today, she is a full-time artist and creates EDM tracks on the side.

Courtesy of the Artist