Yvaral (Jean-Pierre Vasarely)

Yvaral (1934-2002), also known as Jean-Pierre Vasarely, was a French artist best known for his works of Op Art, Kinetic Art, and Numerical Art. He is also the son of the renowned “Grandfather” of Op Art, Victor Vasarely. Yvaral coined the term "Numerical Art" to describe artworks that were composed according to numerical algorithms and rules. To breath life into this term, Yvaral would program computers to manipulate his works according to the numerical rules/algorithms. This process would render images, even widely recognizable ones (i.e. Marilyn Monroe’s face), into abstract compositions.

Although he digitally manipulated and processed the source imagery, Yvaral’s final works were always painted by hand. This style of work became known as his signature, although he further expanded his practice by delving into collage, mixed media, tapestry, and sculpture.

Courtesy of Caviar20