Zak Prekop

The dynamic works of Zak Prekop are experiments with collage and paint that accentuate process and the intermingling of media. He has been known to paint both sides of a canvas—refusing to ignore the impact of the art object, he adjusts to various imposed situations. Like abstracted shadows of light dancing on a wall, Prekop’s work often details painted areas with thin line drawings that interact with the physicality of their surface. Collapsing multiple processes and perceptions into one view, the artist alters our understanding of pictorial and physical space.

Prep has exhibited at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Cluj Museum in Romania, and the Kitchen in New York. He has been featured in the 2011 Pittsburg Biennial, 2011 Prague Biennial 6, and at MoMA PS 1, New York. He was honored by Kent State in 2010 with a Visiting Artist Lecture, and was a nominee for the Joan Mitchell MFA Grant in 2010.