Zhou Hongbin

Zhou Hongbin uses a dynamic multi-media technique of digital image making that addresses the place of the individual in a rapidly developing Chinese society. Her technique adds a heightened reality to the work, which eventually achieves the unity of the inner and outer intended by her work. Says the artist,"I travel in a digital-made world, an imaginary collage, where I appear adorable and lovely in a safe, quiet, soft and clean environment. I use public spaces such as swimming pool, fountain, parks and restaurants, and I choose to be represented by familiar pets like my own bunny to create a habitat, similar to a personal garden, utopian and self-centered, where different moments of my own life are fixed and combined in the same picture." 

Zhou Hongbin has had solo exhibitions at OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai, Lianhe Douzhen Art Space, Beijing, Hello Art Space, Xiamen. Her group shows include Grand Palais, Paris, France, Caroussel du Louvre, Paris, France, AKI Gallery, Taipei, Xiamen Art Museum, Xiamen, among others.