Zoe Wetherall

Zoe Wetherall is a Brooklyn-based photographer from Australia, who travels the world to photograph abstract aerial landscapes from the point of view of a hot air balloon. Zoe Wetherall photographs at a pace and elevation that gives a truly unique perspective. Hovering about the landscape in a hot air balloon these photographs have abstract the landscape by removing the line of the horizon. Zoe Wetherall’s photos are taken just above us, a bird’s eye view. From a few hundred feet Wetherall photographs straight downward, excluding the horizon, sky, or any visual reference point.

Her photos tell stories and inspire questions. She records the structured geometry of natural and man-made forms and uses her camera to reveal the beauty in the subtle patterns hidden in architecture and landscape. She has won numerous photography awards in Tokyo, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, and Australia, and others.

Courtesy of Front Room Gallery