Zsófia Arató

Zsófia Arató binds wide extremes together. On one side she is instinctly surreal and visionary, on the other side naively elegant and direct. Her point of view is not naive at all, in the traditional sense. She is not afraid of using one-dimensional poster-like imagery, summoning pre-Raphaelite beauty ideals. She gives herself to the spontaneous creative energy, and realizes in surprise, those unexpected effects the painting presents. The process of creation is the big evolvement.

Arató dares to call herself an autodidact painter, though she inherited the artistic viewpoint from her graphic-designer mother, and respected journalist-astrologer father. So, her being an autodidact is more like a defiance, a pretended despise of the affected professional methods. Undoubtedly, she aims at the primer effect. The viewer is able to roll-out the message of the painting, starting from an Ariadne (or Achilles)-point.

She prefers to shows her work in unconventional venues like theater-halls, cinemas, and coffee houses, including Young Artist’s Festival, Kecskemét, Cirko-Gejzir Cinema Gallery, Budapest, Danish Cultural Center, Kecskemét and Zacc-Caffe Gallery, Pécs.

Courtesy of the Artist and Dr. Kamill G.Turai