Artspace Presents New Limited Editions by Anna Perach


In partnership with Gasworks, Artspace is pleased to offer a new suite of 12 unique limited-edition sculptures by London-based artist Anna Perach.  In vibrant shades, and her distinctive hand-tufted style, the wall-based edition depicts gloves gesturing, mid-argument, or mid-seduction. For Perach, a glove represents tactility and sensuality, masking the body and allowing it to reveal, transform, and become something else. 


Touch Anna Perach
Anna Perach
Touch, 2024

Visually referencing the Hamsa, a palm-shaped amulet used as a sign of protection, power, and strength, the editions touch on Perach's interest in spirituality and non-Western tradition. Each glove is adorned with symbology representing all-seeing eyes or feminine genitalia, hinting at our reliance on the body to protect us while also needing protection. 


The title, Touch, references one of our most important senses, and how we understand and comprehend the world. In Perach's textile world, where bodies dwell inside and outside of her sculptures, they might rub up against these gloves for luck, out of tradition or ceremony.