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Phaidon and Artspace have partnered with Kering, the most influential global luxury group, to launch Great Women Painters. Kering’s commitment to gender equality is expansive and extends to the world of arts and culture through its signature Women In Motion program. Since its creation in 2015, Women In Motion has highlighted the creativity and unique talent of women whose work in the fields of arts and culture is transforming our vision of the world.


In celebration of Great Women Painters and with the support of Kering, Artspace, and Phaidon have commissioned a new limited edition print with Jennifer Guidi. The latest limited edition in the series, Guidi's Rainbow Orb 2, 2023, is based on an original painting with the same title and is a charitable edition benefitting the Dallas Museum of Art. 

Rainbow Orb 2 Jennifer Guidi
Jennifer Guidi
Rainbow Orb 2, 2023

Artspace is pleased to announce a new limited edition print by Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer Guidi.


Inspired by Impressionism, Tibetan sand mandalas, meditation, and the California landscape, Guidi mixes sand with paint to create atmospheric abstract compositions that radiate from a centerpoint outward and inspire a meditative state of being.


Rainbow Orb 2 is based on an original painting with the same title, and is finished with screenprinted varnishes and fine glass beads to recall the cavities and textures that characterize Guidi’s sand-encrusted canvases. Each edition is sold framed according to the artist’s specifications to highlight and protect the print’s delicate surface details.


Dazzlingly beautiful and deceptively complex, Jennifer Guidi’s layered painting practice stems from and gives way to a transcendent observation of both exterior and interior worlds.


“Some people tell me that they meditate in front of the work, if they live with it. There’s an unfolding that happens if someone’s actually living with the work.” — Jennifer Guidi


Big Red Marilyn Minter
Marilyn Minter
Big Red, 2022

Through erotically charged imagery, often in extreme close-up, Minter addresses the commodification of women’s bodies, particularly in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and pornography. Her hyper-realism mimics the aesthetics of these industries, yet her compositions also feature dirt, stray hairs, visible pores, bodily fluids, or other ‘imperfections’ usually airbrushed away in commercial imagery. 


Since the mid-1990s, Minter’s process has begun with elaborate photoshoots, often featuring Minter herself, to create the source material for her paintings, which are mostly rendered in enamel on metal to further reinforce a high-gloss finish. The original painting Big Red emerged from a photoshoot of fellow artist Wangechi Mutu, who sought out portraits to document her pregnancy. 

Untitled Interior Hilary Pecis
Hilary Pecis
Untitled Interior, 2019/2022

The artist’s first and only limited edition print, Untitled Interior presents one of Pecis’ iconic interior sill lifes replete with vivid color and intricate pattern. Untitled Interior has been commissioned to coincide with Phaidon’s landmark survey Great Women Painters, in which Pecis is a featured artist. Proceeds from the sale of this print will benefit Students Run LA and the MCA Chicago’s Women Artists Initiative.


Pecis is known for her signature style of representational paintings that updates the historical genres of domestic interior, landscape, and still life— and are among the most sought-after works by a contemporary artist working today. The human figure is generally absent from Pecis’s scenes, which exude personality and display the lovingly curated minutiae of life. When seen through Pecis’ eyes, familiar interiors and landscapes of Los Angeles encourage us to celebrate the quiet power and vibrant beauty of the everyday. Artnet recently praised her as “the David Hockney of our time, setting the art world a flutter” with sold out shows and soaring auction prices.