New Limited Edition by Loie Hollowell


Artspace is proud to announce a new limited edition embossed silkscreen print by contemporary painter Loie Hollowell, entitled Yellow Brain. Featured in Phaidon’s landmark contemporary art survey Prime, Hollowell is regarded as one of the most influential and fast-rising painters working today.

Yellow Brain Loie Hollowell
Loie Hollowell
Yellow Brain, 2022

Hollowell tirelessly questions definitions of beauty, sensuality, pleasure, and pain through highly abstracted and yet deeply personal representations of the bodily landscape. Known for extraordinary dimensionality, high contrast, and vivid color, Hollowell’s visual vocabulary was deeply influenced by the Light and Space movement artists of her native California as well as the American Transcendental Painting Group founded in the late 1930s.


Yellow Brain references a 2021 drawing of the same name, and includes the artist’s marginalia noted on the drawing in preparation for a subsequent painting—giving deeply intimate insights into Hollowell’s conceptual practice. An embossed violet gradient that anchors the print’s image echoes the elevation of the three-dimensional rectilinear form that protrudes from the final painting.


‘The series of works that this print is based on came out of the desire to want to make color field experiences for my dad, something for him to meditate on. He is a painter - a very formally rich and super intensely Yale-educated formalist painter - and so I thought making these really basic color studies would be something like a tribute to him.’ - Loie Hollowell


 Photo credit: Melissa Goodwin Photography