Exclusive Co-launch: Artspace presents a new edition by SIMON EVANS™


In partnership with James Cohan, Artspace is pleased to release a new silkscreen print by SIMON EVANS™. Entitled This American Dollhouse, the artist's newest edition depicts the cross-section of the artists' Brooklyn apartment as part theater part real-life dollhouse. 

This American Dollhouse Simon Evans™
Simon Evans™
This American Dollhouse, 2023

The new edition by Simon Evans™ entitled This American Dollhouse depicts the cross-section of the artists' Brooklyn apartment as part theater part real-life dollhouse. As one moves from the top floor to lower levels, the veneer of cleanliness and order progressively erodes.

The single figure in this scene–simultaneously villainous and heroic–stands in the kitchen alone with arms outstretched, crying out expressively. While certain objects point to the artists specifically (artworks reproduced in their basement studio, the chess set in the living room), these spaces represent a universal experience: the daily and habitual patterns of life and domesticity, city living, and our fraught relationship with material belongings.


Simon Evans™ is the artistic collaboration between Simon Evans and Sarah Lannan. The artists create dense text-based collages saturated with short, poetic phrases, drawings, and images often created from the detritus of everyday life both inside and outside of the studio. They describe a world poised between two poles of earnestness and irony. With a wry brand of melancholy, Simon Evans™ presents us with a laundry list of drawings that take the form of diagrams, charts, maps, advertisements, diary entries, inventories, and cosmologies that plunge the viewer into alternate states of pathos and hope.

Exclusively on Artspace: May 16, 2023.

Only 8 available.

$3,500 USD


Insecurity Card Simon Evans™
Simon Evans™
Insecurity Card, 2022

Excerpt from Phaidon's 2023 catalogue Vitamin C+: Collage in Contemporary Art
"Insecurity Card remakes the familiar US Social Security card as a talisman of precarity. 'I am still just a thing in someone else's story' can be read beneath the card's 'insecurity number'. Evidence of a life is here mapped and tracked inside a nation state that renders some, if not most, vulnerable and without agency. Across all of Simon Evans's work, the interplay between the subjective experience and humanity of the individual, the environmental conditions imposed upon them and the violent inequities of the world finds expression in how form and content come together in text and image."