New Limited Edition Silkscreen by Ana Benaroya

Artspace is pleased to announce a bold new limited edition of 40 silkscreen prints by Ana Benaroya, entitled The Nun’s Litany. Radiant and electric, The Nun’s Litany flips classic portraiture on its head with acidic color and a muscular, confident woman nude. Proceeds from the sale of this edition will benefit Visual AIDS, a New York-based nonprofit that utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists, and preserving a legacy.

The Nun’s Litany Ana Benaroya
Ana Benaroya
The Nun’s Litany, 2024

Benaroya builds upon her childhood love of graphic novels and action figures as well as her mastery of illustration to create a new queer universe in her vibrant paintings and prints. Each series of work centers on specific themes, but their subjects are always robust, raucous women in the nude who project brute strength and power.


The Nun’s Litany pays homage to indie band Magnetic Fields’s song of the same name, animating its imagined central character with personal references to bring her to life.